A few people in life....

make such an impression on you that you don't ever want to lose track of them.

But actually in my life, those "few" have become quite a few.

Actually--a lot of people are now in that category.

I have "reconnected" with one such person today.

Matthew Foster--my friend in Indiana.

Matt and I became pals more than 20 years ago in college in southeatern Tennessee. He is originally from the Midwest, and me....I'm just a genteel southern boy.

Or at least I used to be.

I've not heard from Matt now for almost four years--and have often prayed for him, his wife Deb, and their two children--even though I had no idea where they were.

Well, I got a "funny email" from Matthew today. I called him immediately, and we laughed until I almost cried. He had sent the email less than 5 minutes before I picked up the phone and called him.

Matt Foster is one of a kind. He has always opened his hand, his home, and his heart to me. I've always felt that I was part of the family. He's the kind of brother that I always wanted---well on some days at least.

Precious memories do indeed flood my mind when I think about some of those great, great friends that I've been blest of the Lord to have in my life.

Matt is just one among many. But he is a very special "one" to me.

And since I know he is reading this, I can say: It's my blog, and I'll write about whomever I want to write about, okay?

Go ahead, sue me.

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