Eighty Faithful Years! Happy Birthday, WMBI!

Eighty years ago yesterday (July 28, 1926) WMBI Radio signed on the airwaves of Chicago. This wonderful broadcast ministry of the Moody Bible Institute has remained on the airwaves through all these times of change, world wars, elections, economies, the rise and fall of Communism--for the most part, and many other historical happenings.

And for eighty faithful years, the mission has been the same: "Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and showing His love."

The methods have often changes--as they should--but the message has remained unchanged:

Jesus Saves!

I attended the "Birthday Party" last night for WMBI. It was a marvelous concert, held at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows--a suburb of Chicago. The guests artists were world-renown, Grammy-award winning soloist Larnelle Harris, and the continually popular Manhattan Transfer-sounding FIRST CALL (Marty McCall, Bonnie Keen, and Melody Tunney).

It was fabulous. It was worshipful, energetic and so very, very encouraging.

You can check out WMBI here:


God bless the Moody Broadcasting Network and my friends at WMBI!

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Kevin Bussey said...

My parents are Moody Grads!