The 2006 Mid-terms....

Oh well, the "midterm" election season is upon us...and we are all victims of the horrible mudslinging that is pouring through this nation like the furies of Hades.

I'm not sure that I've recovered from the 2004 Elections enough to even care about the ones that will take place in less than 30 days. Many people who claim to be "Christ-followers" were down right ugly and mean-spirited because "other Christ-followers" didn't vote for this person, or that person. I hope that doesn't happen this time.

But I do hope this much:

No church will endorse a candidate from their pulpits.

No Christian will judge the integrity or spiritual fitness of another Christ-follower because of their "vote".

That every eligible American citizen will exercise their obligation to VOTE.

I'm not particularly crazy about these choices either---and haven't been for almost 20 years now...but I will be voting.

It's my obligation as a citizen, it's my duty as a taxpayer, and it's my privilege as a Christian to vote.

I will vote.

Not sure whom for...but I will vote.

You can count me in.

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Gretchen Lavender said...

Endorsing a candidate from the pulpit jeopardizes a church's tax exempt status. There's a document out on the IRS web site that explains it exactly. It has to do with the verbage used. Most people don't know that though. I used to be a church treasurer and a payroll and tax administrator, so that's the only reason I know. Never heard of the IRS calling anyone on it, but better to let someone know in case they are doing that so they know.
Wonderful post as usual.