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The Apostle Paul gave this very significant and sobering admonition to the Christian believers in Corinthian more than two thousand years ago:

Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. (1 Cor 10:12).

I am sickened by the revelations of former Congressional Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) and his "issues" while serving in the United States House of Representatives. I am deeply saddened that this public servant did not receive the help (emotionally, professionally, and spiritually) that he needed.

But what is more alarming is the fact that so many of the "Religious right" have bowed their knees to the "Baal" called the Republican Party--swallowing just about everything the GOP tells them--about anyone.

A gentle reminder here: GOP does not stand for God's Own Party. Anyone associated with Foley's "problem" and took no action should be held accountable NOW and at the Ballot boxes in November. This country deserves no less.

As the "Foley scandal" unfolds (even more than it already has), Christians (Christ-followers) will do well to remember the words of Paul. He was admonishing a church well known for it's "freedom" concerning sexual matters....a sinful freedom, though it was.

As a Christ-follower, I am convinced that I belong to Him. But His possession of me, doesn't mean that I cannot sin again. It does not mean that I will never be tempted again. And it certainly doesn't mean that I can "live above it all" in my own power and strength.

Before we point fingers at the "liberals" the "Democrats" and everyone else with whom we may disagree, maybe we should realize that Paul was "on target" and that we have enough to do in "maintaining" our integrity, sexually and otherwise.

So many in the "religious world" are ready to point out, target, judge, jury, and execute "those people." And then we find those "skeletons" that just refuse to stay in the closet anymore.

We all need the grace, forgiveness, and mercy of God. And what goes around comes around.


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CharlieMac said...

I also am repulsed by the "Foley scandal", but I hope the investigations will also "out" all of the others in congress who have similar leanings. After all the political party across the aisle has a famous member who lived for a time with a male lover who ran a "male dating service" out of their home, and they did nothing to him.
Voters should be more aware of who the people are that they are voting for. Which does not happen to be the case when a voter votes as a "single issue" voter.
Mac McFatter