Pray for me, please

I want to sell my present home. It is a two-bedroom condominium. I am the first owner since it is a new rehabbed unit. It has hardwood floors, beautiful new appliances, central heat and air, and washer/dryer in the unit.

I am just spending too much money on this place, and I want to simplify.

I want to have more money to invest in the Kingdom of God--instead of paying a high mortgage every month. And association fees. And property taxes....

So, please pray that God will give me divine wisdom, and that I can simplify my life as soon as possible.


Kevin Bussey said...


Please meet Phil's needs.


I will be praying for you.

Larry said...


I'm glad you want to stop spending your money on these things.

Your tomato-headed friend from the 51st squadron - Lowry AFB


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

How I love my "tomato-headed" friend so much!

I've not seen him now in almost 16!

We were "buds" in Colorado nineteen years ago.

WOW.....And now he's a "doctor." And I am...well....let's leave it there.