Not now, Senator, not now!

In the microscopic chance that Senator Barack OBama, or any of his staff read my blog--which I 100% seriously doubt--let me weigh in here on the "presidential possibilities" for the Junior Senator from Illinois.

NOT NOW, Senator, NOT NOW!

Personally, I think you would make a terrific holder of the Oval Office...but not now. In six years, definitely, but not in 2008.

I have followed your career very closely since you won the Senate seat in November 2004. I visit your website often, and read just about everything I can find about you.

You are a charismatic, gracious, engaging, intelligent and thoughtful person. I have no doubt you are the very same in the Chambers of the United States Senate. Or at least you should be.

But "now" is not the time to make a run to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I watched your interview on Meet the Press yesterday with Tim Russert. I only wish you had stayed true to your original answer from February of this year. You should fulfill your six year commitment to the people of Illinois. End of discussion.

You do not have the "legislative" experience needed--but then again neither did the current President. And you certainly have at least two years more than he had when he entered the White House, and at least four years more legislative experience than he will have when he leaves in two years. But that is beside the point.

The people of our great state need you to represent us, and to voice our concerns in the Senate.

It's just not time for you to run--not in 2008.

However, if you do run, I will seriously consider voting for you.

When you ran for the Senate seat--that was an easy decision---look who was running against you.

If you run for President of the United States, I will consider all of the candidates.

So Senator, now is not your time.

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Joe Misek said...

I totally agree that he should fulfill his commitment to Illinois. However, nobody is more appealing in politics than Obama right now, and he may have that "Strike while I'm hot" mentality. With no scandals in sight or anything to tarnish his currently great image, why wait for maybe a friend of his to have a scandal, and provide fuel for a negative-ad campaign against him?