For Today...."All things are possible..."

I'll confess:

I'm not a huge football fan. Yet, living in the city of Chicago, I do follow the Chicago Bears--even though from a distance. They won their game against the Arizona Cardinals last night....even though it took the 4th quarter to get there...

But more than the football game, my heart has been meditating on what we "win" when we commit everything in our being to live as Christ-followers. I just want to make sure that I am following Christ with far more fervor than I am following a sporting event.

On my way to work this morning, this song kept running through my heart:

Almighty God, my Redeemer, my hiding place,
my safe refuge
No other name but Jesus
No pow'r can stand against You

My feet are planted on this rock
And I will not be shaken
My hope, it comes from You alone
My Lord, and my salvation

Your praise is always on my lips
Your word is hidden in my heart
And I will praise You with a new song
My soul will bless You, Lord

You fill my life with greater joy
Yes, I delight myself in You
And I will praise You with a new song
My soul will bless You, Lord

When I am weak, You make me strong
When I'm poor, I know I'm rich
For in the power of Your name
All things are possible!

Yes, with Christ all things are possible...even in football!


Cass said...

Hey Phil,

I have no idea how I landed on your site... but I just started reading through some of your posts. I love this song. I dont know why but as soon as I read the first line the song "Hide me" came to mind. Its such a simple chorus but it just goes, "Hide me Lord in your holiness, every sin I now confess, praise to you forgiving Lord... Hide me in your holiness, Hide me n your holiness."
Its amazing how when we finally seek his holiness and see even a glimpse of what He is, we realize just how much we cant be without him.
God Bless

Admin said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever we're going through God can win through.

Our God is a God of the impossible.

Good to find your blog.

God bless

Tony Myles said...

Very cool!