Happy Birthday, Tereasa Rollings!

God always brings along very special people in my life. Tereasa Rollings is one of the most special people I've ever known.

We have quite a history over the last 30 years.

I was first introduced to "Mrs Rollings" when I enrolled in the Freshman Biology class at Madison County High School, in Alabama in the Fall Semester, 1976. The class was overcrowded, and Mrs Rollings asked if anyone wanted to transfer to the "other section" of biology--and since she was already writing my fingers off anyway--I raised my hand.


For some reason, Tereasa became a dear, dear friend of mine at that point. I clung to her as my new friend, and she was more than happy to give me some "guidance." This wonderful relationship continued for the next several years. She was as tough as nails in her classroom situations, but was a wonderful, gentle, and godly influence in every situation. She helped me sort things out in life on more than one occasion.

There are so many, many marvelous things I could say about her...and all of them would be true. But this is a "blog"--not a book.

She makes the best chili I've ever eaten.
She encouraged me to become a good writer and a better musician.
She has introduced me as "Doctor Phil" before..and I blushed..and accepted the flattery.

She is a wonderful, gracious, godly lady who has loved so many "confused" kids just like me...and it has made an eternal difference in my life.

Happy Birthday Tereasa!


Kevin Bussey said...

You went to Gurley? I coached football @ Bob Jones and my wife is from Scottsboro.

Gretchen Lavender said...

Yep, some of the most meaningful friendships start out in those college years. A sweet post:-)