165 Days and Counting.....No Caffeine

For years I had contemplated the possibility of giving up my "caffeine" habit. Now I wasn't a compulsive "all day with a cup of coffee each hour" kind of addict. Not hardly....but I did have a Mountain Dew affinity that I wasn't too keen on shaking.

But on December 30, 2005 I decided that I had imbibed my last 20 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew.

I've not touched caffeine since. I've only had very, very small amounts of chocolate--very negligible amounts, no coffee and no caffeinated sodas at all.

No hot chocolate, no caffeinated tea....


And I'm feeling great. The headaches have been minimal, and my energy levels have been much greater than any time in recent or even distant memory.

I've lost a few pounds, and I'm feeling good about that too. My personal physician is quite pleased with my progress....and so am I.

Now don't get me wrong---there has been a grieving process for me in all of this. I grieve every time I pass a soda machine and see the picture of my beloved Mountain Dew right there for my personal viewing.

But I am glad that I've come this far. I just remember the "12 steps." It is exactly 12 steps to get me out of the door, and away from the vending machine.

I often taken them.

And in a hurry at that.

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