Great, Great book! Get it!

Tim Russert, the NBC Washington Bureau Chief and the Sunday Morning host of MEET THE PRESS has written/compiled an amazing book, The Wisdom of Our Fathers.

I have admired Mr Russert for years on Meet the Press and read his first book, Big Russ and Me a few weeks ago. It was a fascinating, entertaining, and truly heartwarming account of his life. But more than that, it was a marvelous retelling of how supremely important his earthly father, "Big Russ" has been and continues to be in his life.

Russert was in Chicago at Borders Bookstore on State Street two weeks ago tomorrow. I had a business appointment, and was rushing into Borders just as he was leaving. I was so disappointed. I wanted to personally tell him how much "Big Russ" has meant to me, even though I've never met the man.

Watching an interview with Tim Russert last week on WTTW (PBS station here in Chicago), more than 60,000 people have also felt that special connection with "Big Russ" as well as his son Tim, and Tim's now "grown son" Luke--a sophomore at Boston College.

The Wisdom of Our Fathers is a fascinating collection of stories that Russert received in response to his first work, "Big Russ and Me."

It's a wonderful compilation. Get it. And give several to the important men in your life.

They will deeply appreciate such a gift.

And so will you.

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