"Special People"....

Julie Nixon Eisenhower wrote a wonderful book about 15 years ago (give or take a year) that she entitled Special People. This daughter of the late President Richard Nixon and his late wife Pat, wrote a very moving and detailed account about five special people in her life.

I've often thought that I would like to write such a book as well. There are so many special people who's stories should be told, and preserved for all who will come after us.

I can think of several very special people whom I'd love to chronicle:

Dr R Hollis Gause, Professor, Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland, TN

Bishop Raymond M Pruitt, retired minister, Oxford, MS.

Mrs Jane F Pearson, retired teacher, and mom "extraordinaire".

Dr Charles Paul Conn, President, Lee University, Cleveland, TN

Richard M. Daley, Mayor, The City of Chicago.

Mrs. Mary Smith Morris, Musician/teacher/mother and so many others things, Crisfield, MD.

Maybe I do need to start writing that book, after all.

If you were writing about "special people"--whom would you choose?


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