I'll miss you CHARLIE GIBSON....

Right now I am watching the final hour of "Good Morning America" with Charles Gibson as one of the three co-anchors of the wildly popular morning show.

Charlie has been on GMA now for almost 19 years, off and on. I think I have watched him most of those years....and he's been just magnificent.

But now Mr Gibson will be the anchor of "World News Tonite"--filling a seat that the legendary Peter Jennings so ably filled for many years. Charlie has those same very special qualities and graces that Jennings so marvelously communicated to his faithful audience day after day.

Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts are very close to tears on this morning. They are losing their "morning partner" who embraces the world every morning with them.

Mr Gibson has been "my friend" now for a long time, even though we've never met in person. I'll be one of his "faithful" disciples every chance I'll get on World News Tonite". Charlie grew up in Evanston, Illinois--a near north suburb of Chicago, here I live.

So I guess we do have a connection.

Charlie, I'll miss you every morning. And so will the rest of the world.

But I'll see you around 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

And I'll always admire you.

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