Happy Birthday, JULIA STONE!

Though she is not "really" my niece...I've always felt that she is. Her mom, Marti has been like a sister to me for the last 30+ years. And what a great sister she has been.

I remember when Miss Julia was just a very small young lass--and what a delight she was to her mom and dad, her grandparents (on both sides) and to her Uncle Jim and Aunt Ginger.

And to me, her "Uncle" Phil-who has spent the majority of her life either in the Air Force, in seminary, and in Chicago.

My memories of Julia are grand though. I remember about 7 years ago when she, along with her parents, were driving through Cleveland TN, and stopped by my apartment. My longtime friend, and wonderful roommate Kevin Moses (who was celebrated in this forum back in February) welcomed them in as I was still on my way back to the apartment.

We also just happened to have some ice cream there....it was "Moose Tracks"...

Kevin and Julia had a heyday with that ice cream that hot July afternoon.

And now she is all grown up....18 years old to be exact.

She has graduated from Madison County High School--my alma mater, and also the alma mater of her mom, Uncle Jim, along with various and sundry other Alabama natives.

She is a wonderful, gracious, beautiful, and delightful young woman. She will be entering the University of Alabama in Huntsville this fall as a University freshman. I'm very proud of her!

So, in lieu of my being there, Julia....let me say for the entire "cyber world"...


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Julia said...

Uncle phil!! Thank you so much for the super sweet blog that is all about me . .miss thang! lol! talk with you later! love ~Julia