Back to the blog...MAN Secrets--tips for men!

It's been a crazy week here in my office...

And in my life.

But I'm still blogging--and I still read LOTS of them every day.

Some "friends" of mine have compiled a list of "Man Secrets: Trips and Tricks for men".

I would like to share some of them here:

1. Stay current with your fashion sense. You don't have to track the latest fads, but you should be socially aware of what decade we are now living in.

2. Comb overs don't work. You are only fooling yourself. Everyone else knows you are bald on top. So, let it go. Bald is beautiful. [My comment: AMEN!]

3. Cologne is an accessory, not a main event.

4. On time is five minutes late...Five minutes early is on time.

5. Load the's not that hard.

6. Don't wear clothes that make noise when you walk. If do, know you are at high risk to spontaneously combust.

7. Go to Cracker Barrel--they are cheap eats, and great coffee.

8. If she calls you "honey" she may not be flirting with you. You just might be so old looking that everyone knows you are now "harmless."

9. Crock Pots are a great thing...learn to use one.

10. Learn to iron your own shirts and will save you money, and you can impress the woman (women) in your life.

11. Yes, you can still hold the door open for other people, regardless of what they say. Just shows that your manners are better than theirs.

12. Own at least three different shades of long-sleeved, blue shirts--oxford button downs preferably. Blue shirts will go with just about everything.

13. Do some secret shopping on your own...just so you will know what the current "trends" don't have to buy anything--but be better informed than you currently are.

14. Become friends with someone at the local flower shop...they may be able to "save your hide" on those days when you really need someone with that "ability."

15. If you have a choice between a good night's sleep and something else...CHOOSE THE SLEEP.

16. Clip your nose and ear hair. Look like a man, not a wildabeast.

17. If a splash of cologne makes you smell good, baptism in it doesn't make you smell great!

18. Stop and ask for directions before you need them. It will make you appear far smarter than everyone thinks that you are!

19. Remember that you seldom play better than you practice.

20. Be the person that everyone wants to sit next to.

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ruthrap said...

I like those manly tips, Phil..and for once I think I am able to comment your blog..most of the time I can't for some reason...I got to see the Billy Graham special also...learned some stuff I didn't know...I have always admired the man tho..He is definitely one of a kind!