I must confess...

I miss hearing about Heaven!

There was a time in our lives, and in our society, and especially in our churches when we heard about Heaven, we sang about Heaven, and we anxiously awaited our arrival in Heaven.

Now, sadly enough, we hear so very little about Heaven, and we sing about it even less.


Have we become so comfortable here on this planet...with all the comforts and goods, and "stuff" that we cannot begin to imagine that the City Whose Builder and Maker is God could be any better than what we currently have?

I grew up poor....we literally had nothing, and we knew it. But the one thing that we possessed, and that I still humbly claim: That wonderful promise of Heaven after life on this earth has ended.

My precious Grandmother Hoover taught me songs about heaven. The local church where I came to Christ as a small child, and most of the churches where I attended ever since that time, all sang and preached about heaven.

So what happened? Do we just not care about "heaven" anymore? Are we really that satisfied down here?

One of the great songs I learned as a child goes something like this:

While travelin' thru this world of sorrow
I'm on my way to gloryland!
I'll not turn back, for some tomorrow
My trials here, I'll understand.

I want to know more about my Jesus
I want to know more about my Lord
I want to know more about that mansion
I'm gonna receive as my reward!
I want to know more about that homeland
I mean to go there, some day some how.
And after I reach that heavenly city,
I'll surely know more than I know now!

What a promise! What a thrill! What a future!

What say ye?

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