Pray for our congregation

I am a regular parishioner (soon-to-be member) of The Moody Church here in Chicago. This is one of the great, historic congregations in the United States, "celebrating the joy of changed lives since 1864".

We are in a bit of transition right now--reaching people whom we've never reached before. We are also becoming a wonderfully relational congregation, instead of being just an "informational" station. Information is important...but God is a relational God. As His people, we want to be relational people, reflecting the image of His Son.

We have a brand new Christian Life Center (aka CLC), and we are wanting to use this multi-purpose facility to reach people all over this great city.

I'm asking my regular readers to take time out and pray for The Moody Church here in Chicago. We aren't anywhere near a "perfect church", but we deeply and passionately want to do the Lord's bidding.

Our Senior Pastor, Dr Erwin Lutzer, will sincerely and humbly be grateful for your intercession on our behalf.


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