Elvira Arellano arrested and deported...What took them so long?

It's about time....and my next question to the "feds" are why it took them so long?

Ms Arellano finally came out of hiding from the United Methodist storefront church on Chicago's west side, and sojourned to Los Angeles, allegedly to speak at an immigrants' gathering.

The federal authorities finally did what should have been done more than one year ago:

They took her into custody, and deposited her back onto Mexican soil....where she belongs.

Now, lest some of my readers accuse me of being heartless and uncaring, let's put some more pieces into the picture:

This lady came here illegally about 13-15 years ago.

She obtained/stole a Social Security Number, and other documents illegally.

She was deported in 1997, and ordered not to return to the United States.

She defied deportation orders last year, and hid out in the Adalberto UMC in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago's west side.

She has used her son (who was born here) as her "anchor."

She speaks little, if any English--even though she has been here for more than ten years.

The church where she took sanctuary broke the laws of the land in hiding her. They should be heavily fined, and their tax exempt status should be immediately revoked.

I am not heartless nor am I uncaring. However, we must enforce the laws of this land. Our laws are not violating anyone...and particularly not those who want to trespass into this nation.

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