When families "disconnect.." A snapshot of my life...

My parents (Bobby and Jodi) divorced shortly after I was born. Of course back then (1962), divorce was the scourge of society--and it was usually the red "A" on the foreheads of those who were caught in its' web.

My parents not only abandoned each other, but they both abandoned me. I was less than one year old, and my precious Grandmother Hoover took me, and raised me--in a time when she should have been able to enjoy her golden years after raising ten children of her own--she took me in, a small infant and raised me.

I remember my Grandfather Hoover coming to find me in some type of shelter, and I was standing on a mattress soaked with urine, crying. I was just a very, very small child, but I do remember this happening...and not sure how old I was.

And sadly enough, my biological parents dropped in and out of my life at their convenience.

Little wonder, that I decided to return the favor when I became an adult.

I've had no contact with Bobby for more than 15 years now. I don't know if he is dead or alive, and at this point in the game, it doesn't really matter to me--in the long scheme of things. The last time I saw him or heard his voice was at my Grandmother Hoover's funeral--his own mother. He showed up drunk as a skunk. He really embarrassed himself...and the rest of us.

Jodi and I talk occasionally--when I call her. Those times are fairly infrequent. She is married to a wonderful man, John Gunter, and they live in north Alabama.

I'll write more later. But I wanted to start sharing a little about me.

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Joany L. said...

Thanks for sharing. All that has ever happened in your life, the good and the bad alike, God has used to make you and mold you into the man you are today. It will be interesting to hear the progression of your life story and how you came to Christ. I find you interesting. Be blessed.