Home and Hospitality...

Some wonderful friends, Pastor Gary Piepkorn along with his wonderful wife Judy, will be guests in my home beginning tomorrow afternoon. I've not seen them in almost twelve years, and I am very, very excited.

I first met Gary when he was Chaplain (Major) Gary Piepkorn, United States Air Force. We were stationed together at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea in 1990. We immediately became good friends...and he was a wonderful encouragement to me on many levels.

Almost a year later, Gary and Judy (along with their children) were re-assigned to Oslo, Norway--where I was also assigned. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled with this development. Gary and Judy became my "family" in so many ways. I can never thank them enough.

So, in the meantime, I am reassigned to Reese AFB, near Lubbock, Texas in November 1992. About 18 months later, the Piepkorns return stateside--to Cannon AFB in Clovis, New Mexic0--about two hours away from me.!

I am completely convinced this is not "coincidence." God knew that I would need the Piepkorns near me during those years of "exile" in West Texas.

Now, the kids are all married and gone. Judy has decided that she wants to be a very, very well educated Nurse, so she has returned to school...Good for her.

After their assignment at Cannon, the Piepkorns did a tour in England, and then in Northern California...before Gary decided to retire...and accept a Pastorate of a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod down in New Mexico!

I can hardly wait for them to arrive!

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