BP finally got "smart"---no additional dumping into Lake Michigan....

BP (used to stand for "British Petroleum" and not sure what it stands for now) reversed a terrible decision it made several weeks ago to dump extra "pollution" into our wonderful Lake Michigan.

The original decision was made a few weeks ago, after the Indiana Legislature gave the company their "blessing" to increase their dumping of waste products in the "Grand Canyon" of the upper Midwest.

After the uproar from the surrounding states, and particularly from the cries of outrage here in Northern Illinois, the company has reversed their ill-fated decision. They will now seek other alternatives to polluting our great Lake.

Yes, I can call it "our" great Lake...because I have lived in Chicago for seven years, come August 27th.

The outrage and uproar coming from Chicago and her neighbors is paralleled only by the decision of the Federated Department Store Company to change "Marshall Fields" to Macy's last year.

And anyone who has lived in the Chicagoland area over the last two years remembers what a brouhaha that who spectacle became.

BP, we are glad that you have come to your senses.

It was about time.

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