Some people can't be helped...

I work as an Admissions Officer for a vocational/career college here in Chicago. I deal with people every day, and sometimes all day. I thoroughly enjoy my work--99% of the time.

But I have discovered that some people cannot be helped regardless of how hard I may try.

A case in point: A certain gentleman whom I met at a Veterans Fair over a month ago continues looking for a job in mechanical engineering. I took his resume at the fair and passed it on to the "powers that be" who might be able to help him.

This man calls me, accusing me of just about everything in the book, because he can't find a job, and doesn't want to get more marketable skills. He is a military veterans, and has a masters degree, for Pete's sake!

When I can't answer every question to his exact satisfaction, he blows up. When I insist on him coming to my office so I can sit down and talk with him, he has a hissy-fit, and starts railing at me again.

After all of this drama, I've decided that HE cannot be helped. And the reason:

He doesn't want to be helped. He wants to blame everyone except himself.

Lord, please don't ever let me be like that. And please forgive me for the times that I have been.

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