When the "little people" die...

The woman who made the phrase "the little people"--billionaire Leona Helmsley died today at age 87.

She was infamous for how badly and poorly she treated those "little people"--the ones whom she regarded as beneath her dignity, financially and otherwise.

Of course, most Americans would have been "financially" beneath her dignity--since she was a billionaire many times over.

When she was convicted of Tax Evasion many years ago, one of her employees testified under oath that the "Queen" of the hotel industry said, "We don't pay taxes...taxes are for the little people."

Now, the Queen of Mean, Ms Helmsley has found out just how little she really was, and now, eternally is.

Here's a link to the story:

I'm wondering if now that she is facing eternity that she feels that "judgment" is only for the "little people."

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