Holding their feet to the fire...Thank you, Mr President!

It seems like the "liberal left" (whomever they are, and wherever they may be) and the "conservative right" (which is usually anything but "right" on most issues) all have a "common enemy" now: President Barack Obama.

Personally, I think he is doing a great job--for less than 100 days in office.
He is personally holding the feet of the "Detroit" crowd (i.e. General Motors and Chrysler) to the fire, and demanding some accountability. This is as it should be when the "taxpayers" (that would be ME) are funding your "intensive care transfusion" of cash. I'm delighted the President has given them a "drop dead" date. It's about time.

Now, he needs to do the same thing on Wall Street. And do it in the same fashion. What's good for Detroit is also good for New York...and Washington DC, and Chicago, and Los Angeles...

Thank you, Mr President...Thank you!

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