Only in Chicago...

Will someone get on the bus, stand in the middle of the aisle, when there are plenty of empty seats...and then refuse to sit in one of them. This person would rather clog the aisles, and be a general nuisance to the rest of the commuting public...while talking on their cell phone, and having their iPod so loud the rest of us can hear it.

Can someone go into a local grocery/department store, ask an employee for some "information" about a certain item, and that employee say (three times at least), "Well, I don't know." Let's save both of us some oxygen and trouble: Tell me what you do know.

Can a parishioner be on their way to Sunday morning worship, and have at least 6 people approach him/her asking for food--and when they are offered food, they refuse it. Maybe they weren't that hungry after all. These same people will follow you into the worship building, if you aren't careful.

Can someone get a "Chicago-style hotdog" and there is no ketchup anywhere on the "entree." (Chicago-style hotdogs are normally mustard, onions, hot peppers, tomato, and a slice of pickle).

Will someone walk into City Hall, wondering who was "indicted" (in that same building) today?

Will some "self-absorbed" woman (in her 50s, 60s, or somewhere) get on the bus, have a bag on wheels, ask two men to let her have their seat (she paid for one, and takes up the space of three--so she's a thief too), and then proceed to call "city hall" complaining about the snow on her sidewalk. LADY, we ALL have snow on our sidewalks. Get a grip...and if you are that worried about the snow, a shovel might be a worthwhile purchase for you.

Can an otherwise "calm" gentleman go to a free concert in Millenium Park--home of the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra--sit in some great seats, and COMPLAIN because his seats are not better...Sir, just stay at home, and we don't have to hear your whining about your FREE seats. Or better yet, pay the Chicago Symphony Orchestra prices and let the rest of us enjoy the free seats.


SelahV said...

Phil, returning your visit. You crack me up! But can you be a bit more assertive? Tell us how you really feel. :) selahV

bobby kolb said...

Don't forget that ONLY IN CHICAGO,

can the most popular sports team be a team that has for over a century been without a championship. I guess that's why they are called the 'loveable losers'. BK