Turning 47 on Friday, March 13th...

I wish I could say that I am not so "shameless"--but just ask my friend Joe Misek (www.joemisek.blogspot.com) and he will beg to differ.

Yes, I'm celebrating my FORTY-SEVENTH Birthday on Friday...(I'm actually writing this on Thursday evening, because I won't be near my keyboard for most of Friday, I will however get all messages that are left for me on Saturday...or much, much later on Friday).

I never thought I would live this long. And I'm grateful for every day. I'm thankful for all the life experiences that have shaped my world, and have made me, for good or ill, the person I have become. I grew up 'singing' and to this day, my life is filled with the great "songs" that encourage, inspire, teach, and remind me of all God's goodness. Here's one that is particularly appropriate for this time of the year:

"I'm not on an ego trip
I'm nothing on my own.
I make mistake, I often slip
Just common flesh and bone.
But I'll prove some day, just what I say
I'm of a special kind
For when He was on the cross
I was on His mind.

CH: He knew me, Yet He loved me!
He who's glory makes the heavens shine!
I'm so unworthy of such mercy,
When He was on the Cross
I was on His mind!

A look of love upon His face
A crown of thorns on His head
Blood flowed down the robe He wore
and stained it crimson red!
Though His eyes were on the crowd that day
He looked ahead in time,
For when He was on the Cross
I was on His mind!
May I ever remember that I'm on the Lord's mind perpetually. And that I should live worthily of being called His own.


Christopher said...

Happy birthday, Phil! I hope is is a good one.


Tim Elston said...

Phil, I wish you the happiest forty-seventh birthday you ever have. Thanks for the call on my birthday. From the silent sounds at your keyboard today, I take it that you have a day off. I hope you are doing something fun and special. Have a great one, friend.

Elizabeth said...

Surprise!!! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dearest Phillip....Happy Birthday to you...I am a day late but the wish is just as heart felt. It is strange that I just thought to google your name today and what do you know..here I am. I do hope you had a blessed birthday with friends and chocolate cake. I have been reading your Blog and there is no doubt, I have found "That Phil Hoover". Love ya, Elizabeth Nettles Fender.. Ala