"In the Midst of it all"...

This great song just keeps rolling around in my soul,

" 'What have you done to deserve all of this?
Just curse God and die.'
What advice for a man who had trusted God
All of his life.
But then Job speaks, surrounded by his broken down domain,
'In the midst of it all, I'll stand and not fall, I'll bless His name!'

CH: In the midst of it all
In the midst of it all
I found hope that will never let me fall!
Jesus heard my call
And by me, He stood tall
Now I stand in Him complete
In the midst of it all!

Should the day come when everyone bows their heads to cry
When man has done all that man can do,
I'm left alone to die.
But even then, surrounded by life's final, fleeting pains
In the midst of it all, I'll stand and not fall
I'll bless His name!
I'm thankful I know that "in the midst of it all" I can trust in Jesus. The writer of this powerful lyric speaks deeply into the heart of human who has ever lived...because we all are in the "midst of it all."

When we take a close reading of Job, we find that it was GOD who pointed out His servant Job to Satan...but in the "midst of it all"...God was with Job.

He's with us too.

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jay_jay said...

I heard this song from a singer in Florida named Michael Delaney. He sang it so powerful and strong. Beautiful song. I just wish i had his album on c.d. instead of casette.