The Obama Quadrilateral...

President Barack Obama laid out his "four-point" plan last night for economic recovery and sustainability:

Healthcare Reform: An absolute must if we are to recover any of what we have forfeited in healthcare costs, individually and nationally. This has been one of my "hot buttons" for many, many years. And that button is now "spawned" all over the country.

Education Reform: I work in Adult Career Education, and I see how "non-functioning" most public schools have become...and I certainly don't blame the teachers for this disaster...the HOME must assume the "lion's share" of responsibility...but we must reform education...on every level.

Energy Independence/Renewability: Yep, President Carter warned us more than 30 years ago that we must reduce our dependence on "foreign oil"...and this also means that we must wean ourselves from our addiction to the automobile for every trip more than five feet in distance. Finally, we have a President who isn't beholden to the "oil companies" who just keep getting richer...

Deficit Reduction: We must reduce our national deficits, and our national debts...We must...and this President has vowed to start doing that before the end of his first term. If he doesn't, there will be no second term...that much is for sure.

So what say ye?

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