48 Hours with....

If you could spend 48 hours, and only 48 hours with any person in the New Testament (Christ excluded, of course--we would all want to spend time with HIM), who would it be?

Why? What would be your motivation for spending 48 hours with that person?

I would want to spend 48 hours with Barnabas--the fellow who traveled with the Apostle Paul.

But his relationship with Paul began long before that. He was the one who helped introduce Paul into the "believing community" after his Damascus Road encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Barnabas is known as the "Son of Consolation" or the "Son of Encouragement."

I would want to know how he "pulled people together"--when they were ready to pull each other apart.

So, how would you like to spend 48 hours with?



Joe Misek said...

John, the author of Revelation. I'd like to hear HIS interpretation of all that stuff that he saw in the Spirit!

Ryan Day said...

hands down PAUL. His epistles contain our doctrine. I'd love to sit down with the guy that God picked to set the beliefs of the New Testament church.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

Both are good choices! Joe, I'm with you about John....but I can skip the "extended vacation" on Patmos.

Ryan, Paul would not be my choice, when it comes to doctrines. His writings are inspired by the Spirit, and are great, and to be studied, memorized and admired. But of all the New Testament writers, I would have to choose James...

Mark Wilson said...

Rats... Paul and John are already taken. It's hard to choose between the two.

I'd choose John for my own curiosity, but I'd choose Paul to "get the goods" on how to do "the stuff". In the chuch we're clearly not yet getting something (because we're not yet doing ALL the stuff) and 1 hour with Paul could sort that out very quickly. hehehe.

Bless you,

Rodd Jefferson said...

I'd love to spend time with Simon Peter. Peter was a passionate follower of Jesus with great ideals and values that were devastated by his betrayal of Jesus during His trial. And yet, Jesus restored him to be a great giant of the faith. I would love to see in the flesh how much Jesus' restoration of Peter changed his life forever.