Send her back...

The "top story" in Chicago right now is that an illegal immigrant (Elvira Arellano) from Mexico is "holed up" in a United Methodist Church on the city's near West side neighborhood of Humboldt Park.

Elvira has been in this country for at least nine years. She was arrested in 2002 for using a fake Social Security Number, and fake Immigration documents to gain employment at O'Hare Airport.

She is a single mom, with a seven year old son who has had a history of ADHD and other related health problems. He was born in the United States, thus having U S citizenship, unfortunately.

She had the audacity to have a news conference this morning, and make this statement:

"I am a single mom. I am not a terrorist. I am not a criminal. I am a mom."

She was ordered to report to the Department of Homeland Security yesterday for deportation back to Mexico. The INS has now declared Ms Arellano a "federal fugitive" and have vowed to arrest her.

This is as it should be. She is a criminal, by virtue of the fact that she has broken the laws of the United States, and continues to break them.

The authorities of this nation should go into the church in Humboldt Park, take this lady into custody, and put her on the next flight into Mexico. I do not want to be "heartless"--but send her son with her.

We must do something about the illegal immigration fiasco in this country.

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Joe Misek said...

I have to say that I've intentionally missed most of this news story lately because I've grown exhausted with the issue. However, she was arrested in 2002 about all the fake stuff and now this is an issue? What the heck was the government doing in 2002 letting this get to be a problem?! The church should have pushed her to do the "Christian" thing and get legal, not cheat, or go back. The very fact that the child is a citizen makes this a bigger mess and gives illegals some leverage to gain the public's sympathy. I have to put part of the onus on the government for bungling this issue from day 1, whenever "day 1" was. I know enough about people that if their backs are against the wall, they're probably going to choose self over righteousness. But if the government and the church can't get this right, should we really be surprised we have a problem?