A friend from many years ago...

I first met David and Rita Baroni before they were ever "David and Rita Baroni"--well, before she was ever Rita Baroni. He's always been "David Baroni."

His website: www.davidbaroni.com is definitely a keeper, and one that you should visit often.

David is originally from Natchez, Mississippi while Rita hails from the Sheffield/Muscle Shoals, Alabama area. I've known them for more than 25 years now.

What a great couple! Their hearts have always been saturated with God's love, and their desire is to reach those who are far from God, and to also encourage and edify those who are Christ-followers.

I hope he reads this blog. Visit his website, visit the online store, and get some of his great music. You will be eternally glad that you did.


Dawn said...

Hi, this is Grandma Dawn. I saw your comment on Diane's blog. Come on over for a visit!

Dawn said...

We are in Loveland. Where were you? My husband went to school at North Park in Chicago.

Thanks for stopping by. IT's always nice to have a new cyber-friend! My daughter wrote about Care Bear today, which is what inspired me to do so. She's linked from mine - Kristen.

Come back any time!

C. H. Green said...

I heard David Baroni at an A/G Youth convention I'd say, oh, 20 years ago. I'm not sure, his daughter Bethany was just a baby, because he had written a song for her on the album I had. But anyway, I love their music as well.