When Dreams Die Fast...

I woke up with this title on my mind this morning....and I'm still wondering how the Holy Spirit wants to speak to my heart/mind--and how I should share it..

Here goes:

Deep within each human being, the Creator puts a dream. Every child, from the time they are able to "reason" and "figure things out" starts to dream. Many times, these little people dream of being "whatever Mom or Dad is..."

That might be a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, a farmer, a banker, or any number of other things....the "what do I want to be when I grow up" syndrome is now beginning to germinate in their young mind.

These dreams/hopes/plans may change fast....and often. I wanted to be a schoolteacher after I entered the fourth grade. My 4th grade teacher, Linda Turner (still a very close, personal friend some 30+ years later) inspired me to want to teach...to profoundly affect the lives of others just like she impacted mine.

Some aspire to fame, fortune, fashion, and sadly enough...futility.

I remember in the Old Testament (Genesis, actually) where God gave a young man named Joseph a dream.......and Joseph, even in the midst of all his shortcomings, and lack of diplomatic skills with his own family...dared to believe God's promise to him.

That dream...that very dream, helped land Joseph into slavery, prison, famine, and eventually to the leadership of the nation for the most part. But, Joseph remembered what God had promised him.

Look at all he had to overcome:

1) Brothers who despised him and wanted to see him dead...but didn't have enough ________ to actually kill him. So they sold him to the first bidders.

2) A lusting woman who obviously wasn't getting enough attention to satisfy her overactive libido (Potiphar's wife), who tried to seduce him....and he had to run for his life!

3) A prison sentence that he did not deserve...with two jailmates who weren't always good at keeping their word to him once "they tasted freedom" again. One eventually did, though.

4) Those same brothers coming to the Pharaoh's courts to beg for food...and mercy....

So, where has the "dream died" for you? What caused it to die? How can it be revived?

What dream did GOD place in your heart that still remains unfulfilled? What can you do to "accomplish this dream"?

I can think of so many that I felt the Lord placed in me...and for some reason I never took those steps to fulfill them....I never cooperated with God--or trusted His wisdom enough to endure all that might happen.

Sorta bad case of the "shoulda, coulda, woulda" syndrome..

Let's talk about it.

What about "your dreams"?
I wrote this devotional for a men's group more than three years ago. I feel the Lord wants me to share it here.


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ruthrap said...

unfortunately, many dreams become merely hindsight,as you put it coulda, woulda, shouda. we may have more wisdom now than when the dream first appeared, but time isn't on our side. we may just have to plant the seed of the dream in someone else and hope that they will bring it to full circle! that's where teaching, mentoring and setting a good example for our children comes in...if we can do that, then the dream never really dies!