Pastor Byron D Morrell: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My great friend, Pastor Byron D Morrell, had a birthday on Saturday, August 5th. He and I are now the same age, except that I have almost five months on him.

Byron and I have quite a history. We became friends twenty-six years ago this month. We met as freshmen in college in Cleveland, Tennessee in August 1980. He's a native South Carolinian--and a die-hard Clemson Tigers fan.

Or at least he used to be. Not sure if he even watches sports anymore now. He's a busy husband, father, employee, and shepherd.

I did call him Sunday morning and wish him a belated Happy Birthday. He's a precious, precious brother in so many ways.

His wife Cindy, his two sons Zach and Zeke, and his parents Melvin and Lucille helped him celebrate yesterday. I'm hoping his two brothers and sister (and their families) were there also.

I've not seen Byron in six years now. The last time we were together, he was spending the night at my apartment while he was finishing his Masters degree at the Church of God Theological Seminary in Cleveland. I'm an alum of that school also.

Byron is a special man. He has served as pastor in two states: South Carolina and Oregon. He has served as an Evangelist (just about everywhere), and he served as the State Youth Director for the Church of God of Prophecy in Alabama.

I could say so much more, but I've already said more than he wanted me to.


At least you still have your hair.

Well, most of it.

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