Spirit-Driven People....

The Scriptures are full of passages telling and describing how the Holy Spirit directed the people of God--both in the Old and New Testaments. We need only read them, and discover that God has always been active throughout human history. He has not been dormant.

Of particular interest to me, has been the records of the New Testament detailing how the Third Person of the Godhead led, directed, instructed, restrained, and prompted God's people to do God's bidding.

I grew up hearing these great stories of God's active leading of His people. I've come to expect it in everyday life. I've come to expect it in the life of any local gathering of Christ-followers. That's just the way it should be--at least that's my understanding of the Scriptures.

So, now I must ask, "What does it mean to be 'Spirit-driven'"? How do we know when the Holy Spirit is "leading us?" How do we discern His voice? How do we know which "promises" to claim as ours?

One of my first answers would be: When Christ is glorified--we know it is the Holy Spirit directing and drawing us. When the gospel is being presented in the spirit and grace of Jesus Christ--we know it is the Holy Spirit directing and drawing us. When men, women, boys and girls are convinced and convicted of their sins and drawn to repentance--we know it is the Holy Spirit directing and drawing us. When we are drawn to deep, passionate praying, communing with Christ, and enriching our fellowship with Him and others--we can be sure we are being "Spirit driven."

When we long for the precious and majestic voice of the Lord in our lives, hearing Him in our heads and our hearts, and we know that "no other voice" will suffice--we can be sure that we are being "Spirit Driven."

When we long for God's power and presence to be manifested in a transformational way: people to be healed, the blind to see, the captives to be set free, and the oppressed to be delivered--just as Jesus promised in the Gospels, we can be sure that we are Spirit Driven.

So what "spirit" is driving you today?


Kevin Bussey said...

I think we know it is Spirit driven if it points people to Jesus. I was told if there was a parade Jesus would be on the float and the HS would be pointing saying look at Jesus.

Ryan Day said...

Right on Kevin!