10. I am thankful for MY PASTORS...every single one of them...over the last 40+ years

Pastors are very, very special people. That is the way God designed (and called) them. The "pastor" is the undershepherd, representing the GREAT SHEPHERD Himself. This GREAT SHEPHERD is the pastor's role model and example.

And since I grew up "without a father" (for all intents and purposes), my "pastor" has always been a "father-figure" to me, in most cases. One dear pastor wasn't...and never could have been: Sister Roden just could never have been a "father" to anyone...but a "mother figure" to many, many people.

Let's see if I can remember all of the people I've called "pastor" since I've started this wonderful "walk with Jesus":

Tommy Rosenblume (introduced me to Jesus and baptized me the same night I was converted).
David Sain
Dewey Smith
Billy Nettle
Raymond Wallace
Mildred Roden (went to heaven the summer after I graduated from high school, on a warm Sunday afternoon in July 1980).
J E Brisson
Sam Clements
Glenn Rountree (kept my membership in TN while I was in the Air Force for ten years)
W Donald Wellman (now in Heaven)
Chris Losey and Travis Robinson (Air Force Chaplains)
Gary Piepkorn and Larry Hendon (Air Force Chaplains)
Ivar Overgaard (Norwegian pastor, and now in heaven)
John Donneberg
Randal Ross
Tim McCaleb
Mitch Maloney
Erwin Lutzer
Al Toledo
Erwin Lutzer (returned to the Moody Church in 2005)
** The people served as "Senior Pastors" in the local churches where I was a regular worshipper. Many of the "pastoral staff" have become precious and wonderful friends. Pastor Charles Butler, who directs Shepherding and Men's Ministries at The Moody Church is one of the dearest "role models" of what it means to be like Jesus that I have had in a long, long time.

I am very, very thankful for my pastors. God called them, and I'm so glad that HE did.

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