19. I am very thankful for Vacation Bible School

My great friend, Dr Jackie Johns (www.jackiespeaks.blogspot.com) wrote a marvelous post about his brother-in-law Mike. He mentions, frequently I might add, how "hyper-hyper-active" his BIL is...or was...possibly still is...(I don't remember meeting Mike-he didn't stand still long enough for me to meet him)....but I digress...

I was a pretty "hyper-active" child. But then again, "normal children" (in my humble opinion) are supposed to be "active"--maybe even "hyper"--that's the reason they are young. God did waste "youth" on the young, obviously.

One of the blessed respites for my sainted Grandmother Hoover (who raised me) was the local Vacation Bible School. And there were always at least THREE in the vicinity--she made sure that I attended every single one of them, without fail.

Of course, I've always loved school--except in my waining years (now)--and the thought doesn't terrify me, but it does CHALLENGE me to "continue growing" mentally. But again, I digress...

Vacation Bible School meant that I would be with other "children"--teenagers--whatever for at least five days, consecutively. VBS always meant that I would learn about Christ, in a very interactive and fun manner. VBS meant that I would learn a new "craft" of some type. I may even still have some of those "projects"--like the "praying hands" that we made out of some type of cement/clay materials, and then painted...(okay, I confess...I can be a packrat.)

But Vacation Bible School was always fun. It was just fun...FUN, I say.

For this little "orphan" boy who was being raised by his grandmother, it was a break for her, and a chance to "learn" for him. Both were always needed.

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