13. I am thankful for BABY DEDICATIONS

During our morning worship gathering yesterday, The Moody Church family witnessed seven young children being "dedicated" to the LORD. It was a precious and very blessed time.

I am always delighted to see families bring their small children before the LORD and the congregation to perform the public act of "dedicating" these small ones to God's will and care.
We fully realize that their is no "salvific power" in this ritual, but rather a commitment on the part of the parents to raise their children in the fear of God, and to teach these children the ways of Christ.

One of the most sobering parts of these ceremonies is the challenge to the local congregation to "commit ourselves" to nurture and cherish these children and their parents in the ways of God. A proper baby dedication ceremony (in a place of worship) is not just for the children and their parents. It is also a time for the local congregation to commit themselves to these families.

After all, the local church is called to be the "family of God."

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