14. I am thankful for FACEBOOK...

Second only to my friend Joe Misek (www.joemisek.blogspot.com), I was the most hesitant person I know to jump on the "FaceBook" bandwagon....(and thank the LORD, Joe has finally joined as well...just a few months ago). But I am so very glad that I did "see the Facebook light"...

It has been a wonderful "family reunion" for me in many ways. Just this very evening (it's about 10:45 p.m. CST right now), I was able to "reconnect" with someone I've not heard from in almost 30 years. Her brother was one of my "best friends" in middle and high school. Donna is a precious, precious woman, and still loves Christ. Her brother (my friend) Michael, is still somewhat "unsure" of his own spiritual walk, even though I remember when he was very much in love with the Saviour, and wanted to follow His will in life. I still think and pray for him often.

I've been able to reconnect with friends from high days, and even earlier than that. Some of these people I've not heard from since the 4th grade, which makes it all the sweeter to me.

And GOD used "facebook" to give my great friend Dr Bill George, my left kidney last October...you can go back to the May-October blogs on this forum and read the "storyline" of how all this transpired. It truly was God's doing.

I know that I can post a "prayer request" on FaceBook any hour of the day, and that my friends all over the world (from Russia to New Zealand, and all points in between) will be praying for me. That is more precious than gold of any amount.

So, let me close by saying, I am very thankful for FaceBook.

Joe is too. He just doesn't realize it yet.

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