15. I am thankful for TODAY

Gloria Gaither stated it so well,

"Yesterday's gone, and tomorrow may never come; We have this moment today."

Even when the day seems wasted, I am still thankful for it. I am thankful that GOD woke me up this morning...that HE gave me breath all day long. I am thankful for the people that I've encountered today---even those who don't like me or what I may believe to be true.

I am thankful for HIS mercies that are "new every morning" (Lamentations 3), and that today I have lived, according to the mercies of our Lord.

I am thankful for the Pasta Bolognese (homemade in my kitchen) dinner that I shared with my great friend (and roommate) Joe Misek. I am thankful for the ability to make a wonderful meal. I am thankful for every bite of that food today....

I am thankful for TODAY....there is no promise of tomorrow...and yesterday is HISTORY....

And the writer of Hebrews reminds us, "Today, if you hear His voice..."

Today. TODAY, I am thankful.

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