12. I am thankful for CLOTHES (I seem to have plenty of them).

I am amazed at how some people treat their personal closets....I mean, really! When I visit my Grandmother Fields, she will often say "I don't have anything to wear to...."

That's true. SHE HAS FOUR CLOSETS full of "anything to wear..."

What she means is tha she wants something new to wear....

I grew up unspeakably poor, and really didn't have very many clothes. But I am thankful for what I did have.

Now I have a closet full...but it hasn't always been that way. I remember when I only had three pairs of pants, and three shirts, and one pair of shoes.

Every time I think of how Jesus said His Heavenly Father "clothes the lilies of the fields" I am immediately thankful for every piece of clothing I have. I have plenty, and I'm very, very thankful for them.

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