18. I am thankful for the VOICE OF GOD in my life...

One year ago this morning (approximately 9:15 a.m.), I received a much-awaited telephone call from the Renal Transplant Center of the University of Alabama-Birmingham. This was the call that I had been wanting to receive for at least 20 days. It would tell me that I was a "suitable match" to be a living kidney donor for my friend, Dr Bill George. I was sure this would be the case. Let me explain.

On Tuesday before Easter (2009), I was on FaceBook for only the second time...and saw a posting saying that my former Missions professor (Dr George) needed a kidney transplant. I was praying, "O Lord, somewhere in this big family of Yours, there's got to be a kidney...Lord, someone has to be a match." Almost immediately the LORD spoke to me, "You are a match." Immediately I said, "okay, I'll do it." There was no crisis moment, no drama, no tears, and no discussion. I simply wanted to see where the Lord would lead me in all of this.

On April 28, 2009 (approximately 3 weeks earlier) I took a vacation day from work, went to my physician's office and did the "blood tests" that were immediately Overnighted (UPS) to UAB for lab results. The lab director in Birmingham told me that I would have results in approximately three weeks. As soon as I finished the blood work at the doctor's office, I left the hospital, and immediately called Bill George at his office in Cleveland, TN. He was just a bit concerned, and a bit down-trodden. The LORD clearly spoke to my heart, and I said, "Well, Bill, let's just see what the LORD has for us in all of this." I had never used that sentence with him or anyone else before, to the best of my knowledge. But I knew what GOD had spoken to me...

So, as soon as I receive the telephone call from UAB, I start typing an email to my friend Bill, in TN....saying, "I'm a match...call me..." He calls about 90 seconds later and immediately said, "Phil, this is a terrible joke." I assured him that I was NOT joking...and that I was still on the phone with UAB, and that I would call him back immediately--which I did.

I'm thankful for the voice of God in my life. This is just one of "several times" when I knew the LORD was clearly speaking to me....and I'm grateful for His wisdom and grace given so that I could obey Him.

I humbly ask Him to continue speaking through His Word, His people, and by His Spirit.

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Glad you listened Phil. this was awesome. v