17. I am thankful for the "Usual Places..." in life...

My wonderful friend, Kay Horner, preached a message a couple months ago at her home church
(www.peerlessroadchurch.com/media) about the cripple man in Acts 3...on the man who had not walked for more than 40 years....

So laying near the "gate" was a usual place for him.

This made me think. What are the "usual places" in my life? Why are these the "usual" places, and what makes them special---more than just "usual"?

I've been very blessed in life to grow up "in the church"....a "usual place."

I've been very fortunate to sit in the pew and sings the songs of Zion...a "usual place."

I've been enriched in knowing the power of "praying through at the altars"...another "usual place."

I've was trained at an early age (in the Church of Christ, for starters) to LOVE the "Sunday School hour"--and almost always have attended, with few exceptions. Sunday School is my "usual place."

But Christ has always been there....I've never known a time when the "usual place" wasn't a special time....the "unusual things of God"....healing, deliverance, peace, comfort, conviction, and strength.....all from the hand of God...in these "usual places."

I'm thankful for "usual places."

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